Beverley is one of those students of mine, who make me proud for what I’m doing. No, her blossoming as a photographer is not a sole result of learning from me on different workshops and courses, it also strengthened by her curiosity and willingness to change.

Being a professional writer from Canada, Beverley moved to New Mexico, fell in love with its nature, and started photographing landscapes. As she progressed after photography courses, she started adding wild nature photography and cityscapes to her repertoire. After she won a few photo contests, Beverly gives more and more time to photography, and recently created her first personal exhibition.

What I really enjoy in Beverley’s personality is her focusing on successful result. She does a lot to grow in photography. I remember two episodes about her, which describe her positive assets.

Once I did a morning photo shoot class which Beverley attended. I don’t know how did it happen, but she showed up without a camera. That fact did not stop her, and she went through all the exercises with her smartphone camera.

Here is another story. Once a photographer from the east coast, who planned to visit Santa Fe, contacted me, asking to help with a hike to photograph the beauty of local landscapes. I’d be glad to help her, although her plans came on my teaching period in Europe. So I asked my students for a help, and Beverley was the one who guided that photography hike. Well, that was a year ago. Quite recently the same photographer contacted Beverley, inviting her to come to photograph white owls in Massachusetts. So she flew from New Mexico to the east coast to photo-hunt beautiful birds.

I’m really grateful Beverley for the opportunity of witnessing her successful steps in photography, and for this portrait photo session with her.

I started "How I See You" project to get to know better my colleagues, American photographers. During personal photo sessions of the project I have a chance to discuss what is important for us, to see their favorite places, and to understand their world a little better.
You can find all articles of  the "How I See You" project following this link, or use the button below to jump to the dedicated project's page, where I post only title portraits from each session. 

How I See You

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