Geneva has a whole bouquet of assets in her character. First of all she is a teacher. While enjoying working with younger kids, Geneva spreads her passion on bikes and photography as well.

Although bikes, which travel with their owner from town to town, look sporty, I was surprised to find that Geneva prefer driving challenging forest trails to speedways. Motorbikes allow her to reach beautiful remote places not to feel the adrenaline, but to enjoy the view, to smell pure natural smells. Photography  in its turn helps to depict that natural beauty.

It was obvious to me that Geneva also likes travelling, and the majority of the time we spent, talking about travelling. She confessed, that would like to teach in some foreign country any time soon. I wish that all your dreams come true!

Enjoying our conversation with Geneva I felt a pity that our time was limited: living in different cities, we have other things planned that day.

I started "How I See You" project to get to know better my colleagues, American photographers. During personal photo sessions of the project I have a chance to discuss what is important for us, to see their favorite places, and to understand their world a little better.
You can find all articles of  the "How I See You" project following this link, or use the button below to jump to the dedicated project's page, where I post only title portraits from each session. 

How I See You

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