There is something bigger connects me with Inessa than just Slavic culture roots. We both came to the US from Minsk, the capital of Belarus, and share not only passion to photography, but a point of view on the world in many aspects.

That’s probably why we keep meeting during different events. This year my family even joined the New Year celebration in Inessa’s friendly community. It was fun, with games and guitar, and definitely different from regular American holidays.

Besides photography Inessa does healing and physiological work with couples and families. She has two grown up sons, and a healer husband, Jonathan.

I’m grateful for having you as my friend, Inessa.

I started "How I See You" project to get to know better my colleagues, American photographers. During personal photo sessions of the project I have a chance to discuss what is important for us, to see their favorite places, and to understand their world a little better.
You can find all articles of  the "How I See You" project following this link, or use the button below to jump to the dedicated project's page, where I post only title portraits from each session. 

How I See You

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