Marie moved to Santa Fe from South many years ago, because of circumstances. As a source for living she finished a photography school and became a photographer. Then she fell in love with photography. Her first application was in portraiture.

Marie loves nature, and enjoying life, living on a ranch in wilderness by the Rio Grande between Española town and Taos. What a gorgeous place to live! Till recent years she had horses on her property, which were constantly giving her joy of riding. Now days her ranch is open for visits by her children and grand children.

Thank you Marie, for your story.

I started "How I See You" project to get to know better my colleagues, American photographers. During personal photo sessions of the project I have a chance to discuss what is important for us, to see their favorite places, and to understand their world a little better.
You can find all articles of  the "How I See You" project following this link, or use the button below to jump to the dedicated project's page, where I post only title portraits from each session. 

How I See You

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