I’m lucky this year to catch few important traditional holidays in Thailand. Recently we celebrated Songkran, the Thai New Year.

It’s became a perfect blend of a joint happiness for Thai people and foreigners, plus the weather conditions. As you might know in Thailand this bright holiday is celebrated with water. Songkran comes on the beginning of the hot season, after which there is heavy rain monsoon time, renovating the soil and its fertility. So water is a blessing, as it supports a circle of Thai life.

That is why everyone in Thailand wears a bright shirt and goes outside to get blessed and to bless others on Songkran day either with a bucket of water or with more fun water gun. This year nature decided to join the celebration, and periodically poured water from the sky three days straight, started on Songkran day.

Just see photos to feel a touch of the atmosphere, but I’m also adding bits of my personal impressions from Songkran in Southern Thailand:

  • whole families browsed the town across in open trucks with barrels, full of water to bless others;
  • in popular places (like big road intersections, where cars have to slow down) locals and tourists were waiting with supplies of water as well to ‘welcome’ the drivers. Naive tourist, hiding in tented taxi trucks, attracted the most attention;
  • Thai people, driving scooters on a lonely road, would slow down, or stop by their own will in front of houses with buckets outside to be blessed;
  • the town dedicated a whole center (blocked by police) for the mass celebration, and set up huge barrels with water for people. Celebration was also enforced by a blessing monk plus local beauty ornamented car parade, and a concert with dances;
  •  police had to use plastic bags on their guns and radios for protection (as well as I on my camera).

I wish you were here 🙂

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